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what is rum used for

Rum Facts, Rum Ratings and Rum Reviews
These Rums are frequently aged in used French brandy casks for a minimum of three years. Rhum vieux (aged Rum) is frequently compared to high-quality .

Rum 101 - What Is Rum? The Gifted Rums Guide
Raw Materials Used For Making Rum Sugar Cane spirits vary greatly in the manner in which they are created and by the products from which they are fermented .

The Technology of Rum Making
Molasses is the most widely used raw material for rum production. Its composition varies and depends on the quality of the cane, composition of soil, climatic .

Rum Cooking Tips and Substitutions - Cooking with Rum
Rum Cooking Tips and Substitutions. • For general information and tips on alcohol cookery, consult Cooking with Alcohol Basics. • Be sure to divulge your use of .


As has happened many times previously with a newly invented spirit, rum at first was used as a medicine to cure any number of ills. Soon it was being drunk for .

The Way Rum Used to Taste - Esquire
Aug 27, 2010 . We tried four new Caribbean rums that taste like old rums, which is to say, pretty funky, but in a delicious way. They prove that smoother isn't .

Rum Education
However, some producers are happier to use the natural yeasts found in the air to start fermentation. To create a heavier, darker style of rum, often the “Dunder”, .

Rum | Define Rum at
Used since 1800 in N.Amer. as a general (hostile) name for intoxicating liquors. Rum-runner "smuggler or transporter of illicit liquor" is from 1920. rum. "excellent .

Ministry of Rum - Rum 101 - Ministry of Rum
Although some connoisseurs prefer fresh rum, most consumers prefer the more elegant taste of an aged spirit. Today, almost all rum is aged in used oak barrels .

The Rum Excise Tax Cover-Over: Legislative History and Current ...
revenues. Both territories use some portion of the revenue to promote and assist the rum industry. The cover-over provisions for rum extend as far back as 1917 .

RUM advanced configuration
UseNoMA (1): If set with a value of 1, RUM does not use .


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