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Sandham Records St Annes
Oct 29, 2009 . Anne Police Department. 2. Ste. Anne. 3. Resolution of August 1999: Michael Sandham was an Auxillary Constable. 4. Copy of Auxillary .

Chris's Crime Forum View topic - Bandido Murder Trial-*GUILTY*
Oct 28, 2009 . when ex-cop michael sandham was supposed to be serving and . Police quickly found out Sandham was a police officer and informed East St.

Chris's Crime Forum View topic - Bandido Murder Trial-*GUILTY*
Feb 26, 2009 . When police approached the vehicles it was immediately obvious what . Paul police officer Michael Sandham portrayed himself as the guy in .

Chris's Crime Forum View topic - Bandido Murder Trial-*GUILTY*
He let the two Winnipeg police officers into the house, where he lived with . An agitated Michael Sandham told the police they had it all wrong.


The Bandido Massacre | Facebook
. systematically misunderstood and abused by police and feared by the public. . and how Michael Taz Sandham, a former theology student and police officer .

Blood Brothers - The Crime Report
Apr 15, 2010 . Sandham (who had hidden the fact that he was a former police officer) worried a team from Toronto was sniffing . with convicted killers "Weiner" Kellestine and Michael Sandham , 2005 (Photo courtesy Peter Edwards) .

Ex-cop padded his resume
Biker and ex-police officer Michael Sandham knew how to pad a resume. . BANDIDOS TRIAL: Michael Sandham is one of six accused in the shooting deaths .

Jun 17, 2006 . Now Michael James Sandham, 36, will be wearing prison clothes, after . "As a police officer he would have been exposed to training material .

Bandidos Verdict And Books | The Aging Rebel
Nov 2, 2009 . Wayne Kellestine, 60, Dwight Mushey, 41 and Michael Sandham, . Former Winnipeg-area police officer turned biker Michael Sandham, .

Timeline of the Bandidos massacre - Canada - CBC News
Oct 29, 2009 . CBC News learns one suspect, Michael Sandham, is a former police officer who held positions of authority in several Manitoba communities.

Shedden Massacre
The Ontario Provincial Police said the killings were an isolated event and there were . to be the leader of the Winnipeg Bandidos chapter, is a former police officer. . Wayne Kellestine, Michael Sandham and Dwight Mushey were each found .

The Bandido Massacre
Michael (Taz) Sandham protests that police didn't have to shatter the window of his . shouts at the officers arresting him that he's not even a Bandido member.


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