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Castro's True Wealth by Humberto Fontova
May 18, 2006 . In the Dark and Fascistic Batista Age the Cuban peso was always . a Cuban army captain named Pedro Morejon innocent of the charge of .

Pulling of Guevara Film Sparks Protest (Also a Poll to DU ...
Former Batista Army Captain Pedro Morejon is sentenced to death in Havana for "assassination, homicide, robbery, incendiarism and damage.

Fulgencio Batista and the Air Force
Batista and the Cuban Army Air Force - FAEC . For the first time since Captain Mario Torres Menier in 1933, has a pilot as chief of the Air Force, . Ángel Alvarez Castillo, Pedro Bacallao Fonte, Juan Bermúdez Esquivel, Luis D. Buria . Vale Rojas, Guillermo Estévez de Arcos, Rafael Fajardo Morejon, Rafael García Iñiguez, .

Fulgencio Batista: Biography from
Batista worked his way up through the army and came to power as a . The majority of the commissioned officer corps were forced to retire or, some . officers in a coup, but was frustrated by Lieutenant Ríos Morejón, who betrayed the plan.


Bay of Pigs Veterans Commissioned in the U.S. Armed Forces 1963
Bay of Pigs Veterans Commissioned in the U.S. Armed Forces 1963. . photographs of the BOP's Veterans who went to officer's training school at Fort Benning, . Acebo Rodriguez, Pedro . Escobar Morejon, Esteban . Garcia Batista, Enrique .

Che Guevara's Forgotten Victims
Nov 12, 2009 . Some were volunteers of the rebel army who decided to abandon the fight, . but fierce and victorious battle against the Batista Army immediately before . filmed interview how Ché used to The investigating officer is always right; . Cairo 23 Pedro Morejón Montero 24 Pelayo Alayón 25 Demetrio Clausell .

List of Cubans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nancy Morejón, author. . Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, author, poet, painter. Pedro Luis . Jesús Sosa Blanco, captain in the Cuban army under Fulgencio Batista.

Redalyc. In Search of Fulgencio Batista: A Reexamiation of ...
Hernández-Bauzá, 1987; Rodríguez Morejón, 1944; Riera Hernán- dez, unpublished . men organized an uprising against the officer corps, which was put into action on . In 1939, Batista resigned as Army Chief of Staff to run in the. 1940 presidential . Pedro Santana, a conspirator of secondary importance. In his dis- .

Nov 13, 2009 . Batista Army immediately before the dictator fled the . how Ché used to tell him: ?The investigating officer is always right; he always has the .

Permanent Missions to the United Nations
Mr. Mateus Pedro Luemba. Second Secretary . Group Captain Brian James Walsh. Counsellor . 372-2638. Colonel (Army) Luiz Fernando Estorilho Baganha .

List of Banks in the Caribbe Cuba
[30] A Naval Board of Inquiry headed by Captain William T. Sampson was . In 1934, Fulgencio Batista and the army replaced Grau with Carlos Mendieta. . a coup by hundreds of career officers led by Barquín was frustrated by Rios Morejon. . Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, Zoé Valdés, Guillermo Rosales and Leonardo Padura .


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